Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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Toronto challenged to raise money

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When Shirley Cristina’s mother passed away at True Davidson Acres in 2006, you’d figure it might be the last the care home would see of Cristina.

Six years later, she’s remained one of the Dawes Road facility’s most dedicated volunteers, spending countless hours building a movie library for residents, assisting them at community outings, and watering the plants.

“I just sort of worked into helping out,” she says. “There’s always something to do.”

On June 10, Cristina will represent True Davidson Acres as an ambassador at the Toronto Challenge, a walk and run through downtown Toronto in support of seniors.

The annual city of Toronto event raises funds for nearly 60 long-term care homes and community agencies dedicated to helping seniors. Participants can do a 5K walk or run, or a 1K walk.

Last year, over 2,500 Toronto Challenge participants raised over $500,000 for independent living community programs, seniors’ home support for seniors and long-term care homes.

As she’s done in previous years, Cristina will volunteer as a route marshal.

The Toronto Challenge is on Sunday, June 10 starting at 9 a.m. at David Pecaut Square.

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