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by Ann Ruppenstein on April 19, 2012
Todd Miller pinpoints the beginning of his future career in radio to the days he pretended to be an announcer as a kid.

“As young as five or six I always had a little fake microphone in my hand and I had a turntable and I would play my 45 records and sort of introduce them,” he...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 17, 2012
Lindsey Sardi-Dubuc created a line of jewellery kids can sink their teeth into. But moms aren’t the only ones sporting these fashionable teething accessories.

“The bangles are huge for dads,” she says. “Especially when we’ve gone to trade shows. We’ve been to The Distillery...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 17, 2012
When Susan Leston was planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah she learned it was scheduled for the same day as one for a friend of his from hockey.

“The mother came to me frantic because the kids were going to have to choose and she didn’t want that to have to happen,” she says.
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 17, 2012
While working as an interior designer, Tatiana Velasevic realized what she liked the most about her job was sourcing products.

“When I discovered that this was actually what I really enjoyed doing, I was trying to think of the ways to make it my fulltime job,” she says.
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 16, 2012
While some wives hide receipts to downplay how much money they’ve spent on dollhouses and miniatures, Maria Fowler says they also get supportive spouses at the Little Dollhouse Company.

“One of our customers, before she started doing dollhouses, was into redecorating her house all of...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 13, 2012
Having left her corporate job to reside in India for months of yoga training, Debbie Fung compares her life to Eat, Pray, Love.

While she studied in Jaipur, her future husband and business partner Jason Lu trained in Mysore.

“Jason and I decided that if we loved it so...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 13, 2012
After moving to Canada from Scotland, Carol McMaster hit the gym as a way of meeting people.

“I went to the gym every night because I had nothing else to do and it was a way to make friends and I just got more and more into it and one day I realized I think I could really do this,”...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on April 12, 2012
[local]1[/local]Kate Tennier is intent on breathing new life into a once-bustling commercial district at Gerrard Street and Woodbine Avenue.

And, she’s bringing her whole Upper Beach neighbourhood on board to help her do it.

The 16-year area resident recently formed the...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on April 12, 2012
The Real Jerk restaurant isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but will be moving to a new location in the New Year.

The restaurant’s public relations manager Rob Davis, said Real Jerk owner Ed Pottinger has his eye on several possible new locations.  

“I think...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 11, 2012
Although the name Babs + Lou could indicate otherwise, Dawn Larson’s hair salon is a one-woman show named after her grandmothers Barbara and Louise.

“I like a little mystery so I didn’t want to name it something like ‘And Hair We Are’ like so many salons do,” she says. “A lot of...(More)
by Ann Ruppenstein on April 11, 2012
Before opening Green Light District, Deborah and David Peets were in the hospitality industry running a country inn out of a 160-year-old mansion they had renovated. Although they didn’t have a background in the field, the idea for a design store came after they sold the inn and had to furnish a...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on April 4, 2012
On a cold Monday night in Flemingdon Park, six women are gathered in the basement of a resource centre, learning how to make teardrop earrings.

Under the watchful eye of instructor Stacy Alison Jones, the women work their pliers, manipulating the tiny metal pieces. One participant...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on April 4, 2012
Leasiders can look forward to several vacant storefronts on Bayview Avenue returning to life in the near future.

Interior renovations have begun at Leaside Cleaners, a family-run laundry business that was destroyed in a Nov. 2011 fire.

“People are working on cleanup,...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on March 14, 2012
When then 18-year-old Diane Fotopoulos opened her Scotiabank account on Nov. 9, 1954, she probably didn’t think she would be returning to the same location for nearly 60 years.

But then again, it’s not many bank branches that have been oven for a century either.
by Ann Ruppenstein on March 14, 2012
Tanya Mouland was coaching a baton twirler on the cusp of the national level when she noticed something holding her back.

“She hit a wall and I thought, ‘Well how come?’ ” says Mouland. “So we did some eye exercises and I found out that as soon as something got too close she...(More)
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