Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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by Brian Baker on March 1, 2012
Vaughan Road’s boys are matching the senior girls' basketball efforts by booking their ticket to the OFSAA A/AA championships.

After a decisive 90-60 win over Runnymede — the same team the girls faced in their own City final — the Vipers will travel to St. Catharines to test...(More)
by Brian Baker on December 7, 2011
OFSAA contenders in Brockville will need to keep the anti-venom handy for when Vaughan Road Vipers come to town.

The Cedarvale-area school booked their ticket to the AA provincials by winning the TDSSAA championship title on Nov. 15, 46-36 over Runnymede Ravens.

It will be...(More)
by Brian Baker on November 30, 2011
The Runnymede Ravens’ goal for 2011 was set right from their first practice: a City Championship.

Coach Melanie Belore negotiated her way through a crowd post A/AA medal ceremony, Nov. 15, to share what drove her squad to a title shot.

With Vaughan Road as their...(More)
by Tristan Carter on January 28, 2011
To secure a playoff spot, the senior boys basketball squad of Etobicoke CI sought victory against West Region adversary Vaughan Road Vipers.

However, the west end school couldn’t handle the full-court press, losing 57-22, Jan. 18.

Rams coach Paul Dias was unimpressed by...(More)
by Brian Baker on May 3, 2010
A lack of ball possession kept Richview Saints from winning their second junior boys soccer game of the season April 23.

Tying Vaughan Road Vipers 1-1 at the Cedarvale-area high school, Saints coach Adam Foster said his team could’ve learned from their host’s steady-as-she-goes...(More)
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