Federal Election 2011
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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by Peter Tabuns on March 27, 2013
We all want our schools to get back to normal, whether we’re parents, students, teachers or just interested in education.

The best way for that to happen is for the government and teachers to sit down and negotiate. It’s worked in the past, and if it’s done in an open and honest...(More)
by Craig Scott on March 27, 2013
It seems like only yesterday that I was bring “dragged” into Parliament by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Olivia Chow, a tradition for members elected in byelections. Nearly a year has passed since my election, when I was given the honour and privilege of representing the vibrant community of...(More)
by Francis Crescia on March 15, 2013
To pay tribute to the late Jack Layton the City of Toronto has named a road through the new Bridgepoint Health facility in his honour. During the official ceremony to mark the occasion Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow, centre, was presented with a copy of the sign that will adorn the street by local...(More)
by Peter Tabuns on February 22, 2013
Twenty years ago, if you had told me that we would be making almost all our calls from a palm-sized device that could also take photos and make and play videos — I’d have said you were reading too much science fiction.

Yet, here we are. And now renewable energy technologies like wind...(More)
by Che Perreira on February 19, 2013
The road leading to one of the city’s most historic and scary buildings could soon bear the name of a politician revered by many.

City council is scheduled to vote on a proposal to rename part of the Don Jail Roadway, and a street extending easterly from St. Matthews Road to...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on October 11, 2012
Toronto-Danforth residents don’t want a casino anywhere near the Portlands, local MPP Peter Tabuns told a special community council meeting on Oct. 10.

The NDP representative came out strongly against the idea of a casino in the Portlands, saying it would increase crime, cause...(More)
by Peter Tabuns on August 21, 2012
In the summer on smog days, there are times you can almost taste the pollution.

But we need to do more to protect our health than just take precautions on smog-alert days.

Recently I, along with Ward 30 councillor Paula Fletcher, held a meeting about air quality in the...(More)
by Peter Tabuns on July 3, 2012
Summer begins officially June 21. Buildings with central air conditioning must turn it on June 2. This year, like many others, I wanted air conditioning by mid-May. Summers do start earlier and get hotter earlier than they did when I was a kid.

This is one effect of global warming we...(More)
by Peter Tabuns on June 6, 2012
Every six months the Ontario government sets the new price for electricity and you find out about it when you open your bill. In fact hydro rates went up by eight percent for peak power on May 1.

Some would blame the high rates on government subsidies for wind and solar generation.(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on June 5, 2012
With the renaming of Toronto’s ferry terminal in honour of Jack Layton expected to be approved with ease at city council, efforts are turning to local ways to honour the late NDP leader.

Toronto-Danforth councillor Paula Fletcher said she will be meeting with MP Olivia Chow next week...(More)
by Cathy Dandy on April 20, 2012
Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to interview and highlight some of the principals of the schools in the Toronto-Danforth community. This month I had the chance to speak with Ali Jahangir, principal of Earl Grey Senior Public School.

Jahangir developed a passion for...(More)
by Peter Tabuns on April 20, 2012
Last fall, Jamie Hubley of Ottawa committed suicide after years of being bullied at school.

His death was the latest in a series of suicides of high school students bullied for being gay.

No parents want this kind of tragedy to strike their child.

by Omar Mosleh on April 20, 2012
Recently elected Toronto-Danforth MP Craig Scott is already a familiar face in this riding.

As he walks down Dundas Street, a man stops his car and yells out “Hey, Craig!”

Walking into Red Rocket Coffee on Logan Avenue, two residents enjoying a beverage wonder if it is...(More)
by Tristan Carter on March 20, 2012
Although Liberal signage and campaign volunteers in T-shirts painted Toronto-Danforth red leading up to the federal byelection, politically, the riding remained orange.

Liberal candidate Grant Gordon failed to take the riding that was left vacant after the death of former NDP leader,...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on March 20, 2012
Newly minted Toronto-Danforth MP Craig Scott at least partially credits the house that Jack built for his resounding victory.

“Jack Layton played a huge role, for a number of reasons ... He was a huge part of building this party, nationally and in this riding,” Scott said in a...(More)
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