Monday, September 1, 2014
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by Omar Mosleh on August 31, 2012
Intensification advocates said build the subway and development will come.

And has it ever.

There are currently more than 60 development applications for Sheppard Avenue being reviewed by the city. They range from daycare approvals, additions to existing office buildings...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on July 12, 2012
Here’s hoping OneCity didn’t get public transit users too excited.  

Two weeks after it was presented with much fanfare, an ambitious transit proposal that included 170 kilometres of rail, subway track and bus routes amounted to nothing more than a lot of talk at a July...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on June 19, 2012
Some North York residents are alarmed by a proposal to further develop Skymark Plaza with a mixed-use development that will include four new buildings and 1,044 residential units.

The recently formed Skymark Vicinity Neighbourhood Association opposes the plan for 3555 Don Mills Rd.,...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on June 13, 2012
Two months after council waived a new sports field permit fee for 2012, city staff have pitched a significantly lower rate for 2013.

On June 12, the mayor’s executive approved a parks’ plan to charge youth and children’s sports organizations an hourly rate of $2–6 for field use,...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on May 9, 2012
A recent report on improving bus service on Finch has been met with mixed reactions by North York councillors, with some saying it’s too little, too late.

The March document is a follow-up to a May 2011 report titled Opportunities for Improved Bus Service on Finch Avenue, which...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on April 10, 2012
For Quinn Pace, April 10 was a good day to play a celebratory game of baseball.

The 12-year-old Cosburn Middle School student may have appreciated the exercise after a morning spent watching councillors debating and finally voting to waive a sports field user fee for youth and kids...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on March 12, 2012
James Pasternak says he’ll fight any plan to put light rail on Sheppard when council votes on it this month.   

“My position has always been that we’ve already invested over a billion dollars into subway on Sheppard,” he says. “To go backward and try and plug LRT into...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on February 3, 2012
Days before a report about funding a Sheppard subway extension was to be made public, Ward 10 councillor James Pasternak said he was buoyed by news that it included plans for a western link to Downsview station.

“The fact that it’s discussed, the fact that it’s on the radar screen...(More)
by Joshua Freeman on March 7, 2011
Willowdale councillor David Shiner says he isn’t wavering on his opposition to the proposed Shops on Steeles redevelopment project, even if the Town of Markham and ratepayers groups have reached an understanding with the developer.

“My community said, ‘I don’t want high rises and I...(More)
by Tristan Carter on March 3, 2011
The Canadian Film Centre is facing some staunch criticism of their latest project, including from the new councillor representing the Bayview area.

Councillor Jaye Robinson and some residents of her ward are opposing the removal of seven trees on the centre’s grounds that will make...(More)
by Sharon Ko on November 15, 2010
The political tides have changed in David Shiner’s favour.

The longtime Willowdale councillor, an outspoken critic of David Miller, said mayor-elect Rob Ford’s agenda of cutting costs is exactly what his Ward 24 constituents want to hear.  

“I think that Rob...(More)
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