Sponsored Content June 29th, 2016


Speech therapy clinics meet growing demand

Smile Speech Therapy office

It’s a common misconception that children exhibiting speech and language delays should simply be allowed to “figure out” their issues over time. However, studies have shown early intervention is key to preventing problems from persisting or getting worse.

As demand for speech therapy grows, services have opened across Toronto offering help to families looking to improve their children’s communication skills. One such clinic is Smile Speech Therapy, which recently opened in North Toronto.

The clinic’s experienced staff offer assessments that provide a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s speech skills and needs. Staff also conduct one-on-one therapy sessions that use fun and motivating activities to encourage a child’s progress. All services are provided in-clinic or in home.

Contact Smile Speech Therapy by phone at (416) 488-7807 or visit the website at www.smilespeech.ca.