Provincial Election 2011
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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by Shawn Star on June 18, 2014
It’s a shame someone had to win.

For many, going to the voting booth for this election was like having a friend nag you to answer a question where all possible answers are less than satisfactory, but your friend keeps saying, “Okay, but if you had to choose…”

Even the...(More)
by Shawn Star on June 16, 2014
Only minutes after the declared Liberal majority one local PC candidate was blaming party leader Tim Hudak for the loss.

Retired banker David Porter, who was running against Premier Kathleen Wynne in Don Valley West, said he thought it had been “a winnable election” for his party,...(More)
by Shawn Star on June 16, 2014
Mayoral hopeful and former TTC chair Karen Stintz says a provincial Liberal majority is good news for Toronto’s ongoing transit projects.

“With the Liberal government, I know that the transit plans that have been funded and approved will get built,” she said. “And for me, it ends...(More)
by Brian Baker on June 23, 2014
When Dr. Eric Hoskins arrived at the Sports Centre Cafe on St. Clair Avenue West on election night, his return to Queen’s Park already established, among his well wishers were notable political figures and one well known musician.

Ward 22 city councillor Josh Matlow was there to greet...(More)
by Eric Emin Wood on June 11, 2014
We asked in Forest Hill Village: “Is there an issue that is making you determined to get out and vote in this provincial election?”

Jay Levine, TV producer
“I don’t think we need to have a balanced budget. I think if we’re making lots...(More)
by Eric Emin Wood on June 10, 2014
On Yonge Street, between Eglinton Avenue and and York Mills Road, we asked: “Is there an issue that is making you determined to get out and vote in this provincial election?”

David Meyers, small business owner
“I will vote no matter...(More)
by Eric Emin Wood on June 9, 2014
We asked on Bessborough Drive: “Is there an issue that is making you determined to get out and vote in this provincial election?”

Heather Masterson, insurance
“I love the fact that the premier is going to invest $29 billion in...(More)
by Shawn Star on June 3, 2014
The Town Crier gives you the information on what you need on local candidates.


Incumbent: Kathleen Wynne (Liberal)

Who's running

Candidate: Kathleen...(More)
by Shawn Star on May 27, 2014
How’s this for optics?

You’ve been propping up a scandal-plagued minority government.

You decide the time has come to pull the carpet out from under them, in a move that comes as so little a surprise your opponents actually had time to step off the carpet, get on the...(More)
by Eric McMillan on May 27, 2014
It’s always struck us at the Town Crier that it’s a little presumptuous of us to tell readers who they should vote for — especially so in provincial and federal elections.

We  report almost entirely on local matters that come under the purview of our municipal...(More)
by Shawn Star on May 27, 2014
There’s no mountain too tall to climb for Erwin Sniedzins.

The 71-year-old businessman and Helendale Avenue resident has not only conquered Mount Everest, as profiled in the Town Crier in 1991, but is now running for both mayor of Toronto and MPP for Eglinton-Lawrence, as an...(More)
by Shawn Star on May 7, 2014
Leaders of the three main parties have effectively been campaigning since May 2, when Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Ontario would go to the polls on June 12, but it wasn’t until this morning that Lt. Gov. David Onley signed the writs, signalling the official start of the election campaign.(More)
by Shawn Star on March 5, 2014
In a move that should come as a surprise to no one, Premier Kathleen Wynne will be the Liberal candidate in Don Valley West when the next provincial election is called.

Wynne, MPP here since 2003, was announced as the candidate by the Don Valley West Liberal Riding Association on March...(More)
by Eric Emin Wood on March 5, 2014
We asked: “If a provincial election were called tomorrow, which party would have your vote and why?”

James Greco, sales associate
“I don’t know... I want to lean to Liberal, but I’d need to give it some further thought... I...(More)
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