NEWS December 1st, 2016


Yes I Can school makes public plea

School asking province to restore funding for autism programs

Yes I Can director Janet MacDougall
ALEXEI MALAKHOV/TOWN CRIER PUBLIC PLEA: Janet MacDougall, executive director of Yes I Can Nursery School, is calling on the provincial government to restore $150,000 in operating costs the school used to receive.

A grassroots campaign is underway at Yes I Can Nursery School, including a sign planted out front calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Janet MacDougall, head of the Yonge and Lawrence area school, which has specialized programs for autistic children, says she can’t get anyone at the provincial government to listen to the plight of her school, a registered not-for-profit charity.

For three years, the school received $150,000 for operating costs.

This ended after an extension continued it through to August.

That money covered the rent, insurance, snacks and new toys for 120 kids, 50 of whom cover the spectrum of autism.

With the lack of a sustainable funding system from the government, MacDougall says she’s taking her message directly to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

“The Premier recently said that she doesn’t want to have anyone falling behind and she was going to let folks know that she can be counted on,” she said. “Well, we all are counting on her.”

Yes I Can is currently running a GoFundMe campaign to make up the costs. A link is available on all their social media, as well as the school’s website.