NEWS March 4th, 2002

By Camiele Walters

Learning about journalism through co-operative education

I have been a student at Vaughan Road Academy for five years now, and in my last year at school I’ve decided to finish off my credits by taking co-op education.

I wanted to find out more as to what journalism is really like and to have some work experiences. I had been assigned to work with the Town Crier Media Inc., and before I got here I had my own imagination as to how it would look. I’ve never been to a place where a newspaper is being published before, so I had no clue as to how it would look except for how I had imagined it to look.

It was nothing as I imagined it to be. Except for the papers at the front door there were no indications that there was a paper that is being published.

My first three weeks I spent in school trying to get ready for the job interview, write a resume as to what my objectives were as a person wanting to study journalism, a cover letter stating what I’m looking for in studying Journalism.

I had to treat this as if I was going to get a job that I was being paid for. I had to make calls to set up my interview with the supervisor and the day before I had to confirm that appointment. I had to do a lot of preparation to get this co-op placement.

On the day of my interview with the supervisor to get my co-op placement I was so nervous — nervous about what their first impression would be but the minute I got to my interview I was as relaxed as if this was a place I already been to. I felt as if I already belonged there.

I know that some students are disappointed when they first start co-op, because they never expect it how their placement turns out.

But here it was different and I learned how to use my time wisely, between being here and at school, and that’s the key.

You work the hours that any other employee would work and mine were 9-5. That was my time for four months straight.

I can honestly say this was the best year I’ve had in school. I never once had anything bad to say about where my placement was because I know it was all worth it. I was there for four months and it felt as if it was just a week, because I worked a lot I was there everyday, and the employees all made it fun for me, whether by giving me a smile, or making a joke.

To be in the working environment you have to get along with each other and everyone there all get along. It was like a family working together. I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and a lot of words that I’ve heard but never knew what they were.

I’m very happy with it and I would never forget how wonderful this was for me. I have all these people to remember that made me laugh, did all that faxing, and all those invoices.

Thanks to everyone at the Town Crier for making me feel very welcome, my best friend Tanisha for making me have someone to talk to and definitely my teacher Mrs.Katz at Vaughan Road Academy for enrolling me in my co-op placement. I would definitely continue to study journalism in college.