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Getting good grilled gouda

The Construction Site specializes in grilled cheese
By Ann Ruppenstein

January 12, 2012

Neighbourhoods: Chaplin Estates Davisville

Originally published in our Leaside-Rosedale print edition(s).

The story goes when Cobi Druxerman was 17, he was spending long days working at a construction site when one day on his ride home he fell asleep and drove off the road.

“When I woke up and I was fine, I had an epiphany that one day I should make a grilled cheese place and call it The Construction Site,” he says.

Although the epiphany is in fact fiction, he did come out of the situation unscathed and has now opened the doors to his grilled cheese emporium with his cousin Bernie Druxerman, who first came up with the concept 10 years ago.

Aside from soup and salad, the focus of The Construction Site on Yonge Street just south of Eglinton Avenue is entirely on grilled cheese sandwiches. In addition to options like a fungi crusted variety and a s’more-inspired sandwich with brioche bread, butter, graham crackers, brown sugar and milk chocolate shavings, the last customer to order their weekly special also gets to decide what goes into the next feature.

“Most people think of grilled cheese as bread and processed cheese but because of the versatility of the cheese itself we can do a lot of different things,” says Druxerman, who also has experience working in the food industry with the family business, Druxy’s.

“People by far go for the classic, it’s almost like 3/4 go for the classic over the next best thing so I’d say the most common misconception would be that there are other ways of doing it. We do some pretty interesting things so you might as well try it out.”

He says they’re trying to get customers involved and along with choosing the weekly feature, they can also tweet @grldradio to pick a song to come on while they are in the shop. He says they go through an average of 20 kg of chips in a day to accompany the sandwiches.

“We’re still a rather fresh concept, like there aren’t a lot of people doing it, which is surprising because there’s another burger shop on every corner,” he says. “My top goal is for people to always be saying that this is the best grilled cheese they’ve ever had in their life. That’s the number one goal, that the customer loves what we’re doing.”

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