Federal Election 2011
Monday, September 1, 2014
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by Omar Mosleh on June 8, 2011
In a district as diverse as Don Valley East, helping new Canadians and students get established are cornerstones of Conservative Joe Daniel’s new role as MP.

Daniel beat Liberal incumbent Yasmin Ratansi taking 36.7 percent of the vote compared to her 34.5 percent.

by Carolyn Bennett on June 7, 2011
On the morning of Election Day 2006, my team arrived at the campaign office to find that the lock to the front door had been glued shut. We called the property manager and immediately he came down to let us in through the back door. He had recently immigrated to Canada from Afghanistan. He...(More)
by Karolyn Coorsh on June 3, 2011
Rob Oliphant says his whole life has been about finding a sense of calling and trying to discern what that call is.

On May 2, the MP and United Church minister was ousted from his political job during an election that saw a handful of Toronto’s Liberal incumbents knocked from their...(More)
by Shawn Star on June 3, 2011
It was a busy few weeks in May for newly elected Don Valley West MP John Carmichael.

After beating incumbent Liberal MP Rob Oliphant by just 639 votes on May 2, Carmichael says he’s been working hard to make the adjustment to Ottawa life since winning a very close battle.
by Caitlin Orr on May 31, 2011
His daughter’s drawing, the one that says “Daddy I love you” in purple marker, is still hanging by his desk.

A Christmas card with a family photo sits next to it. Papers are still strewn about, and staff are still in the office.

Take a closer look, though, and the...(More)
by Tristan Carter on May 31, 2011
Polls indicated Ignatieff and the Liberals weren’t faring well heading into the federal election. However, few expected that Ignatieff might lose his own seat.

Victorious Conservative candidate Bernard Trottier knew from the outset that he was in for a challenge trying to oust the...(More)
by Caitlin Orr on May 31, 2011
When Peggy Nash arrived in Ottawa for the first time after the election, some of the security guards greeted her by name.

It was nice to be remembered for the former NDP MP who in May reclaimed the Parkdale–High Park seat she lost to Liberal Gerard Kennedy in 2008.

by Tristan Carter on May 30, 2011
Joe Volpe, Eglinton–Lawrence’s 23-year Liberal incumbent, found himself swept away by Joe Oliver in the blue tide during May’s federal election.

The loss was Volpe’s first since he ran provincially in the riding of Downsview in 1981.

The news that he had lost his seat...(More)
by Caitlin Orr on May 30, 2011
A serene Joe Oliver is heading to Ottawa, and a hard-fought win against Eglinton–Lawrence Liberal incumbent Joe Volpe isn’t the only trophy in his case.  

The rookie Conservative MP was appointed natural resources minister in Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

by Patrick Gossage on May 26, 2011
The old liberal “Fortress Toronto” fell on election day, battered by big losses of seats they considered safe and the election of many strong new Conservative candidates. The city, long ignored by the Conservatives and its billions of dollars of infrastructure needs, now has robust representation...(More)
by Omar Mosleh on May 25, 2011
The work has just begun for Etobicoke Centre MP Ted Opitz, following a judicial recount that confirmed his win by 26 votes.

“I didn’t feel right taking on tasks until it was for sure,” Opitz said in a phone interview from Ottawa. “Having said that, I’m nearly three weeks behind,...(More)
by Staff on May 4, 2011
In one of the closest races of the 2011 federal election Conservative Ted Opitz knocked off Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj by only 25 votes in Etobicoke Centre.

Because of that slim margin of victory a judicial recount is in progress.

In previous two elections Wrzesnewskyj,...(More)
by Agnes Ramos on May 3, 2011
It was a rough night for Liberals all over the country, and things were no different in Don Valley East where three-term incumbent Yasmin Ratansi fell to her Conservative challenger, Joe Daniel.

The riding has been Liberal territory since the 1993 federal election and few expected that...(More)
by Brian Baker on May 3, 2011
Third time’s a charm.

After sustaining two election losses, Conservative John Carmichael pulled in a win May 2 in Don Valley West.

The businessman turned politician was one of seven to break down the Liberal fortress of Toronto with a Conservative blow.
by Caitlin Orr on May 3, 2011
Gerard Kennedy of the Liberals had only served one term in the House of Commons, but it was long enough for Parkdale-High Park voters to decide they wanted the NDP’s Peggy Nash back.

After a heated race, Nash managed to wrest back the seat she lost to Kennedy in 2008 with a...(More)
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